Latest Project Posts

Silverado update !

Projekti etenee hyvää vauhtia vaikka jonkin verran “yllätyksiä” löytyikin. Kuvat puhukoot puolestaan mitä näitä selittelemään 🙂

New Workshop 3

The work is proceeds well and we will soon be able to move to the new workshop.

New workshop !

This is something what i have dreamed of for most of my life 🙂

Satellite WIDEbody ??

Widebody ?? Yes, that’s what’s up 🙂 its going to be 1″ wider (total 2″) and lifted wheel arches. These are the things i think this car needs. 1 ” ain’t much but it’s enough with a quick glance it looks quite stock…well not, but you get the point.

WEDS wheels to Satellite project

Hi there ! it’s been a long time since last update. A lot has happened and I try my best to update this blog as much as possible. Here is something what I did to WEDS Kranze LXZ wheels. At the beginning they were pretty rough condition.

MonteCarlo update clutch pedal

It’s been a while since last update. However a lot has happened, both in the workshop and in the world. It’s crazy what the situation is in the world, but let’s keep the wheels spinning.