New Workshop 3

The work is proceeds well and we will soon be able to move to the new workshop.

New workshop !

This is something what i have dreamed of for most of my life 🙂

Satellite WIDEbody ??

Widebody ?? Yes, that’s what’s up 🙂 its going to be 1″ wider (total 2″) and lifted wheel arches. These are the things i think this car needs. 1 ” ain’t much but it’s enough with a quick glance it looks quite stock…well not, but you get the point.

WEDS wheels to Satellite project

Hi there ! it’s been a long time since last update. A lot has happened and I try my best to update this blog as much as possible. Here is something what I did to WEDS Kranze LXZ wheels. At the beginning they were pretty rough condition.

MonteCarlo update clutch pedal

It’s been a while since last update. However a lot has happened, both in the workshop and in the world. It’s crazy what the situation is in the world, but let’s keep the wheels spinning.

Plymouth Satellite

Carbon hood for Satelllite project

It’s time to make the carbon hood for Satellite project. Project starts with waxing the mold. This time I was using a new Easy-Lease release Agent (for me) which I purchased from Easy Composites.