Satellite WIDEbody ??

Widebody ?? Yes, that’s what’s up 🙂 its going to be 1″ wider (total 2″) and lifted wheel arches. These are the things i think this car needs. 1 ” ain’t much but it’s enough with a quick glance it looks quite stock…well not, but you get the point.

At first I cut out big piece so it’s easier to trim and fit the new quater.
There were a LOT of shrinking to get whole quater to the right shape and 1″ wider

The wheel arches were lifted  3 ′′ at front and 5.5 ′′ at back. Sounds like a lot ? it is…but I think it look just right now.

There were a lot and lots of welding. Inner fenders lifted / widened… also I sanded whole car to bare metal so it gets fresh start to it’s new look

Next we have to finish the roll cage and about 100 other things, until next time…

Thanks for reading this ! 

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