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Carbon hood for Satelllite project

It’s time to make the carbon hood for Satellite project. Project starts with waxing the mold. This time I was using a new Easy-Lease release Agent (for me) which I purchased from Easy Composites.

Unlike many other chemical release systems Easy-Lease does not require the use of a separate mould sealer prior to application. I have tested this now 2 times and so far looks like I won’t go back to traditional wax.


I will make this carbon hood in 2 steps. First step is make the skin and second step the frame.
I used to skin 1 layer 210g 2×2 Twill 3k Carbon Fibre V Weave cloth and 3 layers 200g /- 45 Biaxial 3k Carbon Fibre cloth. 

When the skin part has cured it’s time to desing and fabricate the frame. I used 5mm Closed Cell PVC Foam Core sheet. That is very light and very easy to cut in shape. 

bonnet frame
biaxial carbon

After the PVC frame has done and glued to place I used 1 layer 200g /- 45 Biaxial 3k Carbon and the final layer 210g 2×2 Twill 3k Carbon Fibre V Weave cloth.
Then Peel Ply -> Release film -> Breather Layer Cloth -> Vacuum bagging film.

Twill 3k Carbon Fibre V Weave

24 hours later 🙂 just cutted to close, some trimming and finishing and job is done.

carbon hood

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