Mold making for Satellite carbon hood

I started project doing the bodywork on the bonnet. After that, I painted it black with acryl paint and let it dry about a week before waxing.

When the bonnet has fully cured it’s time to wax it. I used Meguiar’s® Mirror Glaze No. 8 Maximum Mold Release Wax. For new molds apply three (3) to five (5) coats of , allowing each coat to set up before wipe off. Allow 15-30 minutes between applications/coats.

hood painted
Hood mold

After waxing you must make barriers for vacuum bag. I used 2mm plastic for that. Pieces just hot melt glued to bonnet and some aluminium tape for seams.

When the barriers are in place it’s time for first gel coat layer. Gel coat should dry (usually 1-2 hours) to sticky before applying second layer. I used at first layer gray and second layer black gel coat because if you have to repair etc. the mold you can see layers and you won’t sand through to glassfiber.


I used 6 layers 400mg/2 glass fiber  to this mold.
Shot time laps video from laminating progress.

The mold ready. Let it cure about a week before waxing, after that the mold is ready to use. 


I make another “making of” post soon. Stay tuned 🙂
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