MonteCarlo update clutch pedal

It’s been a while since last update. However a lot has happened, both in the workshop and in the world. It’s crazy what the situation is in the world, but let’s keep the wheels spinning.

Since my Monte Carlo was equipped with an automatic transmission, (when changing it to manual transmission) I had to add a gear shifter as well as a clutch pedal.

clutch pedal

The pedal itself was made of 25x10mm steel. 

cluch pedal
cluch pedal

Unfortunately, not all work steps were described. Ready clutch pedal / cylinder assembly with Wilwood 0.75 “cylinder.
The cylinder movement is approx. 3 cm and pedal movement 11 cm. It feels good but only time will tell how it works 🙂

Check out short video clip of pedal operation.

Thanks for reading this ! 

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